I love watching new parents with their new baby! For some of my parents, their baby is the first baby they have ever held. So it can sometimes feel a little foreign holding a newborn when you’re a first time parent, and most of my clients are a little bit nervous because they still aren’t used to handling their baby while standing up and moving around. Think about it: when you’re at home, most of the care you are giving your baby is while seated!
However, even if you’re a first time parent without much hands on baby experience, there is no need to be nervous in my studio – my top priority is your baby’s safety and the comfort of everyone. We will adapt as needed. There’s more than one way to hold a baby – so if you don’t feel secure or confident holding your baby a certain, way, we’ll change it up to a way that you are! I gently guide you through the entire session. I’ll make sure to tuck stray hairs or adjust clothing as needed so your focus can be holding and admiring your new baby. The family portion is typically the “easiest” part of our time together – because you’re pretty much just looking at this amazing little human that you’ve welcomed into your family. Bonus of hiring a profesional: I’ll make sure you don’t give yourself a self inflicted double chin while looking at your baby.
Enjoy some of my favorite images from this guy’s newborn session!♥