Sure, first babies get all the attention, but second babies are more fun!

It’s true, there is something magical and special about your first child, but once you have your second, you realize that all babies are magical and special. The difference is that the second time around, you can actually enjoy it! You won’t be able to solely devote your time to your new arrival, but you will have the wisdom and hard-won perspective to laugh at the hard days and cherish the easy ones.

With your second baby you are so much more relaxed. After witnessing your first child grow and thrive because of (and in spite of) you, it is easier to enjoy each stage of babyhood without worrying over every little thing. And you are much more prone to really soak up each stage because you know, with an ache in your heart, just how quickly it will pass.

And that’s another thing: Time passes so much more quickly and photography is here to capture again the first and unique days of your newborn baby. studio believes in exquisitely beautiful products and plenty of personalized high standards service for each of our treasured clients.

December 11th, 2018|

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